What is similar between Pollination and Microbial Spread?

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Understanding the process of the spread of microbes or germs is essential before we preach the benefits of handwashing. Why is it so that we are often advised to wash our hands before eating meals? How can we transmit our germs to others around us?

Let’s dive into the mechanism of microbial spread

Before diving into the mechanism of microbial spread, you might consider recalling the process of pollination in plants.

Pollination is described as the main route of sexual reproduction in plants which allows the transmission of pollen grains from a male plant to a female plant species. This leads to the production of seeds and eventually fruits within the female counterpart. A key note to remember is that insects, birds or other animals play an essential role in the spread of pollen from one plant to another.

A similar concept can be applied to the spread of microbes from one human to another. If we seldom wash our hands and maintain compliance to hand hygiene, several harmful pathogens can accumulate on our skin. When we shake hands with others, these evil bacteria and viruses are bound to transmit to others which eventually kick-starts a vicious cycle. Lack of handwashing can potentially lead to a heightened risk of infectious illnesses as well as a greater frequency of hospital visits.

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This process can be prevented only by washing our hands-on time. Good compliance to handwashing is known to grossly reduce the overall risk of diarrheal and respiratory diseases. In addition, the risk of microbial spread becomes manifold in healthcare settings where doctors and patients are exposed to the most virulent microbes. Therefore, a good compliance to handwashing and hand hygiene steps is of utmost significance for healthcare professionals. For this purpose, Soapy provides hand sanitizer stands and hand-washing stations to substantially reduce the transmission of hospital-acquired infections. Learning about and implementing the best handwashing techniques can help effectively reduce the microbial footprint on your hands.

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Author: Dr. Muhammad Sharjeel

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