Workplace Hygiene as a Corporate Responsibility

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Corporate responsibility, also known as CSR, is playing a bigger role in businesses around the world. Nowadays, companies are expected to take responsibility for their actions, as well as their impact on communities, society, stakeholders, and their employees. Corporations have a huge effect on workplace hygiene. They can create new protocols for employees to follow, upgrade their facilities in many ways, and form new workplace norms that lead to a high hand hygiene standard. System monitoring is our responsibility because this world looks like our home.

Why should companies ensure workplace hygiene?

It is not only an option but an obligation for companies to take a stance in the fight against the spread of dangerous contagious illnesses. Keeping employees safe should be a major concern for any business owner. With ever-growing work hours, a working adult will spend over half of their waking hours in their workplace. Amidst the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many workplaces have shut down and reopened according to different countries’ lockdown policies.  Now more than ever, a company must provide a safe and hygienic work environment for its employees.

Not only do companies have a moral responsibility to keep their employees safe, but they have a financial obligation to their shareholders as well. It is no secret that healthy employees get the job done quicker and more efficiently, while sick employees spread their diseases to other workers across the facility – slowing down the entire company. Think of all the times your entire office got sick during flu season. If the first instigator would have stayed home, or proper hygiene protocols had been followed more strictly, the number of infections could be reduced drastically. Sadly, many companies have set workplace norms that frown upon sick days, spreading diseases within their facilities faster. A sick employee, dedicated as they might be, is essentially causing damage both to themselves and the company.

Corporations are responsible for the impact they have on communities receiving their products and services as well. If a product is contaminated by a sick employee or unsatisfying hand hygiene policies, the consumer will ultimately pay the price. Considering the huge effect companies have on their consumers, it is only ethical of them to make sure their employees adhere to a strict hand hygiene. standards. System monitoring is our responsibility because this world looks like our home.

Soapy’s solution

Soapy offers a revolutionary solution in the hand hygiene field, specially crafted for businesses who want to ensure a high standard of hand hygiene in their facilities. Soapy’s CleanMachine utilizes AI technology to highlight unclean areas on the skin while the employee washes their hands. It also has a facial recognition feature, allowing managers access to both individual and group user data. This important data can help companies understand hand hygiene trends in their facilities, as well as check compliance with protocols set by the company. The CleanMachine is incredibly easy to install, requiring only a water inlet and outlet, a regular electrical connection, and a local Wi-Fi network.

If you’re interested in learning more about the CleanMachine, you can contact us here.  

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