Workplace Pandemic Preparedness

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Hand hygiene adherence platform

As countries across the world are cautiously returning to their old routines, the fear of a “second wave” of the COVID-19 pandemic is still tangible. Many workplaces realize now is the time to ensure workplace pandemic preparedness. Although the virus mutates regularly, making it impossible to know for a fact what a second wave would look like, it is now possible to envision the implications for the business world at the very least. Questions such as what businesses would stay open during the pandemic, customers’ behavior, and the format in which employees will work, have been answered. This can help businesses understand the specific needs they have to address at such times, making them more prepared for the next pandemic. Hand hygiene adherence platform, these platform guide many people about their hygiene.

How to prepare your workplace for a pandemic

During a pandemic, authorities might advise the public to avoid public transport, as well as crowded places. Make sure employees who do not have to be inside work facilities directly have the tools to work from home. Employees who can work well remotely decrease the chance of your business’ efficiency being harmed during the pandemic.  

Encouraging sick days allows employees who are potential carriers to stay home and stop the chain of infection inside the workplace. Employees and managers alike must understand that coming to work sick will impact the business in a negative way, promoting the spread of disease across all of its workers. This could be avoided if sick employees stayed home. Because some carriers are asymptomatic, this isn’t a foolproof solution.

Having an infection prevention plan in place where the chain of infection is cut-off inside work facilities.  For example, monitoring handwashing among staff to ensure everyone has washed their hands as well and as often as they should. Workplaces can also provide single use wipes and disinfectant wipes to diminish contact with frequently touched surfaces such as door knobs and elevator buttons.

The WHO wrote in their article, Getting your workplace ready for #COVID19, “promote regular and thorough hand washing… provide access to places where staff, contractors and customers can wash their hands with soap and water.” Simple soap and water are still one of the best ways to fight infectious diseases, with soap dissolving the structure of different viruses rendering them inactive. Hand hygiene adherence platform, these platform guide many people about their hygiene.

Washing hands is imperative in the fight against the spread of diseases. Soapy offers a solution that is tailored to the business world’s needs. The CleanMachine dispenses the correct amount of soap and water needed for a perfect wash cycle. This helps businesses save up to 65% of reagents and 90% of water otherwise wasted. The smart handwashing machine also has a facial recognition feature, helping managers keep track of important hand hygiene data in their facilities. The CleanMachine utilizes AI technology to highlight unclean areas on the skin while hand washing, and works automatically when sensing hands – eliminating the possibility of contaminating the machine’s surface. If you want to learn more about theCleanMachine , you can contact us here.

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