World Health Day And Hand Hygiene

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HAI prevention system

HAI prevention system. April 7th – the world celebrates world health day, and this year’s theme is building a fairer, healthier world.

At Soapy, we’re determined to do well – to do good. For us, this essentially means that we want to succeed in order to give back as much as we can and impact the world for the better. The arena we’ve always focused on is, of course, hand hygiene.

To this very day, three billion people lack access to basic hand hygiene facilities. 300,000 Children die each year from disease linked to inadequate hygiene. The disease could be reduced by up to 50% with simple hand hygiene access. These numbers are absolutely inconceivable – but they’re true. Here at Soapy, we believe hand hygiene is a basic human right. Hand hygiene protects health, allows economies to grow, and for students to keep focusing on their academic careers without needless sick days. Everyone deserves access to quality hand washing to prevent disease and protect health.

HAI prevention system

Hand hygiene can have a massive impact on the world. Even powerful countries, such as France, have a huge financial toll taken every year due to unclean hands. The sick days and time at work spent being unproductive lead to a 14.5 billion euro loss every year.

Now, imagine this damage and multiply it around 100 times, and see the effect it has on other countries with fewer resources and economic opportunities. The devastation caused by transmittable illnesses is a very cruel reality for many people. SDG 6 – sanitation for all by 2030 – supports this notion.

Water resources are distributed in a wholly uneven manner. Over half of the world population doesn’t have enough clean water to practice hand hygiene as well as it should. In some places, a person has 3 gallons of clean water a day – for drinking, washing hands, washing clothes, and every other need they may have. In other countries, 3 gallons are used just to flush the toilet once. The CleanMachine allows communities struggling with water scarcity to utilize this precious resource to the fullest. While traditional handwashing methods waste up to 12 cups of water per wash, the CleanMachine only uses 1 cup – while ensuring the best, most thorough wash possible.

HAI prevention system

For every 10 CleanMachines we sell, we donate one to a community in need.

Health is directly affected by hand hygiene practices. We want to make it so that everyone has access to the needed resources to stay healthy.  The CleanMachine is so resource-efficient that it saves 95% of water wasted in traditional hand washing techniques. It also saves 60% of reagents and 20% of electricity.

The CleanMachine doesn’t just “make your hands clean”. It teaches, educates, monitors, and improves hand hygiene practices over time. The smart screen shows what movements to practice while motion sensors in the basin scan the hands. At the end of the wash cycle, each user gets a live report, detailing how well they washed their hands. This helps users test themselves and improve their hand hygiene technique from wash to wash. The kind of feedback one receives from CleanMachine helps implement good hand hygiene habits even when using regular sinks later on.

HAI prevention system

Soapy has been working non-stop so that our CleanMachines reach those who truly need them. In a recent article about Soapy, the Jerusalem Post wrote, “An Israeli startup (Soapy) placed handwashing hygiene stations in the Indian cities of Bangalore and Podochary in order to encourage local residents, both children and adults, to wash their hands properly and effectively to reduce morbidity from infectious diseases.”HAI prevention system is important for our society.

Our partners in Sanitation First wrote about the installment of the CleanMachine in local schools too, stating, “What better gift to women and girls on International Women’s Day than safety, dignity and good health! We started the day by inaugurating a brand new sustainable and adequate sanitation block for girls at the Government High School Pinnalur. The school also got one of our solar-powered contactless oildrum hand wash units. Through the partnership with “Soapy – saving lives through smart hygiene” and the Pears Foundation 16 smart sensor controlled handwash machines are going up in Government schools of Cuddalore district. It was a joy to watch girls in Kurinjipadi, Cuddalore OT and Thirupathiripuliyur get all excited about their squeaky clean hands!”. HAI prevention system is very important for our society.

HAI prevention system

We know in the years to come, as Soapy continues to grow, we will continue to share our CleanMachines with those who need it. We strive to create a better, more hygienic world – one handwash at a time. HAI prevention system is very important for us.

HAI prevention system

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