WSA Picked Soapy As The Most Innovative Solution In Israel For Health And Well-being

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WSA, an international platform for ICTs Enterpreneurship, focuses on digital businesses that have a real impact on society. This year, their experts have nominated over 342 social-digital solutions, spanning over 77 countries! The hand hygiene adherence system is our responsibility.

Soapy was picked as the most innovative digital solution in Israel for health and well-being thanks to our automatic hand washing stations aimed to improve hand hygiene. Here at Soapy, we strive to create a safer, more hygienic environment for future generations. The hand hygiene adherence system is our responsibility.

At SOAPY, we know a cleaner world is a safer world.  Everyone, no matter their circumstances, deserves access to hand washing to prevent disease and protect health.

So, we invented a smarter way to wash hands.

SOAPY harnesses advanced AI, IoT and machine learning technologies, to educate, optimize, monitor and encourage people to build healthy hand washing habits, all while conserving up to 95% of resources such as water, soap and energy.

Thanks to partners who share our vision, SOAPY is able give back with a commitment that for every ten personal techno-wash stations we sell, we give one away, to the people who need it most.

Being recognized by WSA is a great honor, and we’ll continue to do exactly what we were chosen for – saving lives, one hand wash at a time.

For the full statement, click here.

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